BGA Reballing

Controlled and monitored ESD-safe soldering laboratories

Electronic component and printed circuit board rework requires the usage of soldering and rework stations. Whilst removing and re-attaching refurbished components, especially BGAs, reflow profiling is essential and requires certain conditions to be carried out successfully. All laboratories at Unitech electronics are temperature controlled to ensure all soldering profiles are exact and can be run consistently independent of environmental impact. Keeping the constant temperature of 24C within laboratories we also ensure comfortable working conditions are provided to all staff members.

Humidity plays a bit part when working within electronic circuit boards assembly industry. We keep relative humidity levels between 40 – 60% to ensure electrostatic build-up is kept to minimum and circuit boards that are exposed to the environment during procedures adsorb moisture at the lowest rate. By monitoring relative humidity we take control of the environment and reduce defect levels whilst improving our soldering profiles and solder paste efficiency. All humidity fluctuations are recorded and acted upon to identify causes and develop corrective action plans, which eliminates potential errors in further stages.