About Unitech

About Unitech Electronics & Software Inc.

Unitech Electronics & Software Inc. is the leader in Automotive Computer, ABS, TCM and Instrument Clusters Repairs with the lowest failure rate. We are employed by highly trained Electric &Electronic Engineers, Automotive Electricians, Technicians and the most helpful and understanding Customer Service Team in the nation. We have over 20 years of combined experience and deliver High Quality rebuilt automotive Electronic systems. We will not rest until we have met your expectations. Our goal is to deliver an affordable and reliable part of excellent customer service. You owe it to yourself to purchase a quality part that you and your family can depend on.

Our operating business hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am-6: 00 pm. 

You can reach us:
Toll Free: +1-888-405-7730
Local      :  +1-289-818-0980

Email: info@unitechelectronics.ca


#9131 Keele Street, Unit A4,
L4K0G7, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada